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Quality service is the heart of WORLD BUSINESS PLUS, and that's why we offer a technical maintenance service that offers you insurance and a qualified staff to guarantee an optimized and adapted customer service for every need.

Prestations de services


Advice and support projects, We also intervene for other services such as configuration, setting up a WiFi network, installation of equipment...

Fourniture de matériels

Supply of materials

In just a few clicks ou by calling us, you will find all your security equipment, Office, Furniture, Computing...

Technology Solutions

A step plus to safe reliability

Vidéo surveillance professionnelle

Professional video surveillance

To ensure your security, nothing is better than a reliable and effective solution, for this, WORLD BUSINESS PLUS offers high performance video surveillance (approved by the state) that will give you a complete coverage of everything that happens in your business both indoors and outdoors.
(Infrared Projector, Indoor Camera, DVR Digital Recorders, Waterproof Camera, Joystick Controller, Outdoor Dome Camera). 

Système d'alarme anti-intrusion

Anti-intrusion alarm system

Be notified immediately when an intrusion attempt is detected either by phone or SMS, this allows you to easily monitor your business or home.
The central unit is completed with different detectors like internal and external motion detector, glass break detector, wireless siren. 

Contrôle d'accès

Access control

WORLD BUSINESS PLUS access control is one of the most powerful security systems whose reliability is well established. Endowed with the latest technology of biometric access controls, it allows you to easily and securely manage the access of your employees.
Ideal for businesses, sensitive premises, server rooms, archive and sample rooms. 

Détection d'incendie adressable et conventionnelle

Addressable and conventional fire detection

SDI (Fire Detection System)
The Fire Detection system is composed of manual triggers  and automatic detectors and a control and signaling system managing the information transmitted by detectors and triggers.
The detectors can be deployed at various places on the ceiling, in circulations, corridors, premises at risk, machine room, computer room (data center), archive room...


Advice and support projects, We also intervene for other services such as configuration, setting up a WiFi network, installation of equipment...

Prestations de services Prestations de services
Réseau d'entreprise & fibre optique

Fiber optic network

- Multimode or single mode: 50/125 - 62.5 / 125 - 9/125
- Optical fiber OM1, OM2, OM3.
- Crimping and optical fiber fusion.
- ST, SC, FC, LC connector.
- Study of physical / logical topologies before deployment & reflectometry.
- Audit, certifications of fiber optic links, tracking.
- Validation and compliance, all urgent repairs.

Aménagement de salles informatiques

Computer room equipment

The equipment of a computer room must meet different constraints, for this, the use of an expert in the field is very important. With us, you make the choice of quality and performance, we offer the solution best suited to your context, and an equipement of server rooms tailored.
Our expertise has developed its network of licensed installers for full support of your computing environment. 


Sound system

Our public address and evacuation systems offer ideal solutions for delivering evacuation messages, announcements and background music to the most diverse locations: hotels, shopping malls, department stores, offices and similar applications. where the safety of the public is paramount.

Maintenance et S.A.V.

Maintenance and After sale Service

We offer maintenance contracts tailored to your budget and requirements:
- Initial Contract: Including an annual preventive visit on call and telephone assistance.
- Essential Contract: Including a tour and labor troubleshooting..
- Full contract: Includes visit, labor and parts with deadlines for interventions that can be reduced up to 2 hours. 



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